The group process invites you along with like-minded HR executives from selected organizations to step-change your best practice, to become more emergent and fluid for better fit for the ever-changing complexity of the working environment.

The work will oscillate between sharing own case experience and challenges with a Super-Vision focus in navigating complexity and with the introduction and dissecting of relevant and pressing topics within your organisations at any given time. Within the Super-Vision groups, the participants will be invited to think and reflect on the presented cases from a systems perspective taking to expand action logic capacities and capabilities.

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The group invites you to join along with like-minded start-ups’ executives to share your experiences and practices and learn from eachother. The focus is on Entrepreneurial Leadership, learning from set-backs and how to mitigate derailleurs to drive to success. Through group reflection, perspective taking, coaching and support, you will achieve increased learning, guidance, resilience and development of thinking capacities.

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Through the individual sessions facilitated by business psychologist, you will explore:

  • Your career goal and why it is important to you
  • Your current status: what you have tried, where you are getting stuck
  • The actions and behaviors you need to take to get unstuck and maximize your potential for career fulfillment.

Focus: increase self-awareness, reflection, live practice, skills development

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