In a globalized world, we are continuously being challenged to adapt and change. Organisations are expected to be dynamic and deal with ever-changing demands, conflicts and unclear sense of direction. We support executives by providing concrete next steps to enhance business performance. We help change mindsets and behaviors throughout the organization.

Our strategy is to build meaningful tailor made process to meet the needs of the organization – we do not do off-the-shelf. Your benefit is clear. We work with your issues in real time, creating immediate value and hands-on changes.

In a facilitated process, executive teams work on their must-wins from “soft issues” to “hard core” business deliverables. Individual exploration of leadership capabilities, effectiveness and impact are openly addressed in the team. This sets the standard for how to function and achieve your aspirations as a team.
We acknowledge your team challenges and support you to develop the skills and competencies required for effective and transformational teams.

We use an in-depth Organisational and Business Psychology approach for our executive coaching process.

We work in two ways; we support you in strategy implementation and goal attainment through organisational performance coaching and we guide you in your personal leadership development journey through capacity building and capability development. The aim of the process is to build lasting effective leadership and business improvements.

We create a confidential and supportive space for feedback and reflection.

We conduct comprehensive organisational change processes that start from strategy design to implementation and overcoming people’s resistance. Adaption of state-of-the-art change methods translate into embodied new behaviours. Your organisation attains a more constructive culture and lasting change.

We help you move beyond resistance and into the areas where change becomes reality. We dare to work below the surface and stay with the learning processes until they are fully integrated on personal, team and organizational level.

We challenge executives to use the energy of their differences to reach collective creative solutions and insights. We support the development of effective organisational dialogues that dissolve fragmentations and lead to business results.

We work with the issues and challenges that hamper creativity and inspiration in an organisation. We develop innovation and personal risk that transcend the current modes of operation.

Innovation is enhanced as idea creation techniques and action logic practices develop. Meta-reflective skills are cascaded to teams throughout the organisation..

We support the development of strategist thinking capabilities to be able to tackle complex business and leadership challenges. This results in an enhanced, empowered and sustainable executive mindset.

You will understand yourself in a higher order in terms of personal meaning and organisational context. You will identify with others and their needs. You will be able to discover the existent fit between your needs, others’ aspirations and the organisational needs.

We provide a multitude of psychology based, in-depth and diverse personality and 360 assessment tools such as MBTI, CPI and FIRO.

Our tools promote self-awareness and support identification of skills’ enhancement needs. They also lay bare the organisational talent mass and potential critical talent development areas.

We advise and support our existing clients only.

This is a client-driven offering that we deliver to our long-term customers who seek our input with critical hires. We do psychological testing and interviews assessing the fit between candidate and organisation.

Our e-learning and innovative facilitation approach blend our well known face-to-face experiential learning method with state-of-the-art virtual modules. This ensures that knowledge is translated into know-how and practical application.


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