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“Suzan Stub and her team have provided support to operate the transition from an entrepreneurial business culture to a mature sustainable organizational business unit and develop the associated Executive Leadership Capabilities. The focus…was to provide…concrete next steps to tackle the Executive Committee (ExCo) team issues and enhance High Performing Team (HPT) mindset and behaviors.”

Floris Wesseling
Regional Vice President, Danone Waters Asia

”Leadership Dialogue has been instrumental in creating more effective alignment between the Embassy mission and the team for creating higher business productivity and professionalism.”

Pernille Dahler Kardel
Ambassador, Embassy of Denmark, Egypt


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“Leadership Dialogue has provided Business and Management consulting services to enhance LEO customer centricity vision and business development through the Mindful Moments Project, Leadership Dialogue has acted as an advisor and provided recommendations to implement LEO business solutions to more effectively ways of dealing with our key stakeholders in the medical community within the Middle East region.”

Hisham Omar
LEO Pharma GCC+, Area Director

“Leadership Dialogue’s consultancy has been instrumental to help ASD and myself as CEO to support key strategic business initiatives through targeted much needed focus on leadership and culture as well as finding innovative business oriented solutions to ensure better quality and overall operating processes. Within the work of Suzan and her team we have proven that in a patriarchic culture like Middle East achievement and humanistic encouraging is complementary and not mutually exclusive! An organisation with high level of respect, transparency and participation creates extraordinary results.”

Frank Uszko, Former CEO
Alsafi Danone

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“The focus Ms. Stub and her team in Leadership Dialogue laid on key organizational targeted initiatives, and their implementation, has been crucial to get organizational alignment behind the overall strategic business plan. Leadership Dialogue has designed and implemented a change management and organizational transformation process where state of the art business psychology consultancy has made it possible to leverage individual competencies, as well as driving passion and commitment for sustainable business growth.”

Klaus Holm Laursen, CEO
Suez Canal Container Terminal

“Leadership Dialogue has planned and facilitated enhancement of the functionality, output and constructive cooperation within the Executive Team in Unomedical A/S a ConvaTec Company. Suzan Stub Jensen has designed and implemented a robust team development process that has significantly contributed to the exceeding financial results…I can only provide my strongest recommendation for Suzan Stub Jensen and Leadership Dialogue.”

John Magnus Lindskog, President
APAC & B2B at Unomedical A/S- ConvaTec Company

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“Ms. Suzan Stub has acted as trusted adviser to myself, the CEO, over this period and has been very supportive and insightful showing business acumen and savvy. As Leadership Dialogue, she has also provided critical business psychology consultancy in terms of shaping the vision and understanding of the needed future leadership in the organization, touching upon state of the art practices such as the characteristics of virtual leadership and virtual teams as well as specific organizational and business management challenges.”

Jens Byrialsen, CEO
Egyptian Drilling Company


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